The Canadian Judicial Council (CJC) is comprised of all 41 federally appointed chief justices (including associate chief justices) across the country. Under the Judges Act, the CJC’s mandate is to promote efficiency and uniformity, and to improve the quality of judicial services in Canada's superior courts. The CJC provides judges with a continuing education program and ethical principles, and is the body to which persons can turn if they have questions about the conduct of a judge and which to file a complaint. The CJC has various committees who meet regularly in order to manage issues concerning the Canadian judicial system, and it also meets twice a year as a full council.

Reasonable expenses incurred by chief justices to attend CJC committee or full council meetings may be claimed under section 41 of the Judges Act, which provides federally appointed judges with a conference allowance for reasonable expenses incurred when they attend judicial education conferences and seminars, or other meetings related to the administration of justice. Expenses that comply with the Act and the Guidelines on the Conference Allowance are reimbursed by the Office of the Commissioner. As these expenses relate to chief justices fulfilling their specific roles as members of the CJC and attending CJC meetings, they are reported separately.

Classes of expenses reimbursed - ss. 90.21(d) of the ATIA

Guidelines - ss. 90.21(f) of the ATIA

(Expenses published for one quarter are those reimbursed in that quarter. Some of the published expenses may have been incurred in a previous quarter.)

Total expenses reimbursed Number of judges reimbursed Meetings

Description Date Location Number of judges in attendance

*Some conferences and meetings were cancelled or held virtually due to COVID-19. Some judges may have nonetheless incurred expenses in preparation for these events.

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