Authorization and Release Forms

Please print and sign the Authorization and Release Form for the Province in which you are a member of the bar.

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Accessibility Notice

If the following forms are not accessible to you, please contact the Office of the Commissioner for Federal Judicial Affairs Canada at 1-877-583-4266 to obtain these forms in other formats.


Alberta Flag Alberta

Alberta - Download - PDF (81kb)

British Columbia Flag British Columbia

British Columbia - Download - PDF (77kb)

Prince Edward Island FlagPrince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island - Download - PDF (77kb)

Manitoba FlagManitoba

Manitoba - Download - PDF (79kb)

New Brunswick FlagNew Brunswick

New Brunswick - Download - PDF (77kb)

Nova Scotia FlagNova Scotia

Nova Scotia - Download - PDF (77kb)

Nunavut FlagNunavut

Nunavut - Download - PDF (77kb)

Ontario Flag Ontario

Ontario - Download - PDF (55kb)

Quebec FlagQuebec

Quebec - Download - PDF (26kb)

Saskatchewan Flag Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan - Download - PDF (77kb)

Newfoundland and Labrador Flag Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador - Download - PDF (77kb)

Northwest Territories FlagNorthwest Territories

Northwest Territories - Download - PDF (77kb)

Yukon Flag Yukon

Yukon - Download - PDF (77kb)